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Nutri-West of Florida

Nutri-West of Florida has been owned and operated by Lee and Connie Edwards for more than 21 years. Their business has been designed around their customers and concentrating on their nutritional needs. The knowledge they provide about the products, their usage, and the continual support offered has helped many people improve their health and well-being. Their expertise is a critical element in supporting healthcare professionals throughout the state of Florida provide the best care possible for their patients.
The office staff at Nutri-West of Florida demonstrates a genuine interest in the needs of their customers and willingness to help. Whether answering the phones in person or shipping orders out with same day service, they are committed to excellence with what they do.

A Profile of Nutri-West

Nutri-West was founded in 1981 as a small nutritional supplement company offering a limited, but effective, line of its own products. A great deal has changed since then.

The company is today a multi-national giant with state-of-the-art manufacturing and shipping facilities serving distribution centers throughout the United States, and in Africa, Australia, Canada, England, Belgium, Norway, Poland and Romania. The sole focus of operations is helping health-care professionals optimize the well-being of their patients.

Nutri-West’s products are manufactured and packaged in the company’s ultra-modern production facilities in Douglas, Wyoming. The sprawling production campus received the coveted Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence from the state’s food and drug division.

Both product formulations and production methods have been carefully designed. Extensive efforts are made to ensure Nutri-West products are the most hypo-allergenic on the market. The company’s concern with quality and wholesomeness extends to the environment as well. Substantial measures are taken to make sure the operations keep the air and water of Wyoming pure and fresh.

Dr. Paul White, Nutri-West's owner, believes with all the changes that have taken place, it is what has stayed the same that remains the basis of Nutri-West’s success. The sole focus of operations is still helping health-care professionals optimize the well-being of their patients.

 Our Philosophy of Syngergism

Harmony and synergism are the laws of nature. Synergy insures that each element works with and is interconnected with each other for maximum effectiveness. The factors that influence the absorption of a specific nutrient relate not only to the nutrient itself, but also the interaction it has with other components (synergists). Our purpose at Nutri-West is to provide researched nutritional formulas that work in Harmony with each other and synergistically in the body for optimum functioning power.
One of the difficulties with routine nutritional supplementation in chronic disease patterns is the additional stress and altered chemistry created by non-synergistic formulas. Many companies will produce products in "mega dosages" which only hinders the body's ability to heal.